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06.10.2009, 04:21
I have noticed that they now make Hydor Koralia 5-6-7-8 12v pumps. It says that they can be controlled by their Wavemaker 2 second generation..
Is the Profilux Hydor Koralia controller based off of their second generation model. The pricing on these pumps are from (List Price) $174.99 - $221.99 and
you can buy them for $129.99 - $169.99...Here is the spec sheet on these pumps...

GHL Support
06.10.2009, 15:05
with ProfiLux Pump Control you can control these pumps, it has especially been developed for this purpose.

06.10.2009, 17:38
Thanks for the reply Carolin.
The only description I have seen for the Profilux Hydor Koralia Controller is that it is for Hydor Koralia 1-2-3-4 pumps and does not say that it would work on the 5-6-7-8 pumps.
I thought that the maximum Draw was 25ma per L port. If I used 2 Hydor Koralia - 8 pumps which are 22 watts, wouldn’t the draw be too much. (22w*2)/115v= .38 Amps
Or is the controller supplying the power to the pumps and the L port is adjusting the 0-10v to the controller.
I just want to make sure so I don't waste my money and or burn something up.

07.10.2009, 14:36
The profilux korallia controller has its own powersupply and doesn't draw the power for the pumps from the profilux L ports!

GHL Support
07.10.2009, 15:44
@ Mzbwlk & Chew
Sorry, this was a misunderstanding between my colleague and me, we have clarified this now:
Pump Control can be used for Koralia pumps 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6, this will work,
but for 7 & 8 it can't be used. Sorry for the confusion!

07.10.2009, 23:28
Thanks for clearing things up. I will keep this in mind when deciding what pumps to buy.
Looks like I may get the Tunze pumps after all !!!!