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10.02.2014, 17:43
I cannot get the USB to connect using my virtual machine on the Mac for my mitras lamp. The virtual machine recognizes the lamp via USB; however, when I click on the connect button, it quickly unselects itself. I know that this is not a virtual PC/USB issue because my virtual pc recognizes the Profilux via USB with no problems. Is there a driver that is needed for this lamp to be recognized?

Also, my iPhone app is very sporadic with its connection to the Profilux. It works 50% of the time and then other times, it may take multiple attempts for the connection to establish and actually work.

I am getting very ********** with how "clunky" the software for the Profilux and Mitras is. It is as if I am using windows 95 all over again. Are there any plans to revamp the software and, hopefully, go to a web-based system so that my Mac is no longer an issue with connectivity? I have purchased 2 profilux systems and 3 mitras, and if I continue to have such headaches with connectivity, I am going to sell and go with another system. I REALLY like the Profilux and the Mitras lamps when they are functional, but I am getting very ********** with the continued issues every time I go to connect to my system.

Thanks for any help!

11.02.2014, 12:31
Do you use the app in your local network?

Please post screenshots of your device manager and connection settings in GHLControlCenter.

11.02.2014, 20:41
I use the app both on local network and when away. My ISP was blocking port 80, so I figured out a workaround. It works great now.

I will try to post screenshots of GHLcontrol tonight. I am expecting to receive my Mitras wireless control card in a day or two, so this may solve my connection issue as well (since my profilux connects with no issues)