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07.09.2009, 23:23
Hi Guys,

Size 4x2x2 reef

I currently have 2 x MP40W but i am getting a bit annoyed with the noise although the flow is great, I would also like to incorporate the pumps into the thunderstorm effect and etc..

Hence my question is, what is best placement for the 6105's?

My mp40w are currently at opposite ends of the tank and set to lagoon mode.

Is there a preset that will do the same lagoon type actions??

Anyone else changed from vortechs to tunze??

Am I right in thinking the tunze will be quieter?? Will 2x 6105's be ample??

Thanks in advance


08.09.2009, 00:21
I've got a friend who did this change because the noise of the Vortech. The tank is 160 cm long x 60 height x 70 wide and he installed 2 6105 controlled by ProfiLux.

He's very happy with this change: Less noise and perfect flow. I think ProfiLux flow control it's the best on market :D

07.02.2010, 12:11
same here
Had 2 6100's but they died after 3 years :( . bought a vortech MP40w but couldn't stand the noise. I now have again 2 6105's and very happy with them.

But I have to admit, flow-pattern-wise the vortechs are superior to the tunzes.

08.02.2010, 16:36
I have no noise at all in my MP40W, check that you aligned them according to the manual.

08.02.2010, 17:40
I must have a very quiet living room ;)

it was the motor wine that got on my nerves

I had already been replacement, Then I used it in my sump but now it's again acting up and needs to go back to the vendor.

14.02.2010, 00:37
Am thinking of going this exact route myself, interested in feedback when you do!