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12.12.2013, 08:46

I have a new Profilux 3.1nEx which is connected to an apple express, which in turn is connected to my WLAN at home & works fine :)

I'd like to extend this so that I can access my profilux externally but I have no idea how to do this. At home I have;

Wireless router / modem by TP-LINK ( 300Mbps wireless N ADSL2 + modem router ) ( not sure about the password )
Subscription to DYNDNS host name
An iMac with the DYNDNS updater installed
A laptop running Windows :(
A new Airport Express ( mentioned already ) ( Dec 2013 model )
An Airport Extreme ( unused ) ( Dec 2013 model )

I live in Phuket and despite trying, I cannot find any remote access assistance to set this up.



12.12.2013, 09:15
The point to set external access is the TP-Link.

You may consult the manual of this device how to set up a port forwarding for the ports 80 (webserver) and 10001 (ProfiluxControl) to the IP of the PL and -maybe- how to set up the dyndns handling by the router (in fact, doing this on PC/Mac is sub-optimal due a router does it better and easier without the need of a permanent running PC).

I cannot find any remote access assistance to set this up.
This is no issue of the Profilux itself and the number of routers is legion, so a step-by-step guide isnīt possible for GHL.
If you get a guide how to do port forwarding for your router, you got how to do it for the Profilux also.