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22.11.2013, 18:29
Can I add the expansion card to the Exp box or does it need to be directly to the P3?

22.11.2013, 19:23
The Firmware of the ExBox doesn't support this card yet, so you should add it into the PL at the moment.

22.11.2013, 19:34
Thank you.

06.01.2014, 01:29
When you have estimated that supported the expansion box the PLM-PWC

06.01.2014, 15:59
this is very difficult and much reprogramming is required, unfortunately I can't give you a date by now

01.01.2015, 05:05
Any idea when the wireless card can be used on expansion box?? its been a year since requested. you would think this should have been done before release.
My profilux has no more free slots, so i need to add to the expansion box.

19.07.2016, 20:35
An old thread, but I have the same question...

I have tried to find a changelog file for the firmware update, but no luck.

I am ready to buy several mitras if this works, if not, I will consider something else. Im not willing to run a USB cable trough several rooms and down to the basement where the P3 is located.