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09.11.2013, 11:13
In order to connect Mitras and ProfiLux with a PLM-PWC wirelessly major software changes were necessary.

Please perform these updates:

1. GHL Control Center
2. Mitras Firmware 1.15 (is also included in the new GHL Control Center integriert)
3. Update ProfiLux to 6.00, still using the "old" ProfiLuxControl 5.x - Attention: Save settings and sensor data before!
4. ProfiLuxControl (ProfiLux with 6.00 can't be operated with the older ProfiLuxControl)

That's it.

Set the Mitras to "Slave", then ProfiLux with its PLM-PWC takes the control of the Mitras.

The firmware had been tested intensively, however we classify it for a few days as a beta-version.

09.11.2013, 21:18
that was fast . new software already out wireless card is on the way thank you

09.11.2013, 22:00
Can't wait. Ty

10.11.2013, 11:14
Downloads keep saying File Not Found. :)


10.11.2013, 15:16
Downloads keep saying File Not Found. :)


download center was temporarily down - all fixed now

10.11.2013, 22:16
I'm all updated and waiting on the card now, this should be good and has been worth the wait!

15.11.2013, 21:43
Hi guys, got my Card today, updated Profilux, and Mitra´s, and WOW, it works, love it, Imported my project file, and Profilux is now in control of my 5 Mitras. However, i cant get them to react on thunderstorms, at the moment i only tested manually started storms, but will try to see if they react on the random or scheduled storms.

17.11.2013, 13:16
ProfiLuxControl: check "darkening at thunderstorm" in each illumination channel for the Mitras (usually 1 - 9)

17.11.2013, 18:44
Hi Matthias.

They are enabled. :-)

GHL Support
18.11.2013, 10:31
In the thunderstorm settings, have you set the intensity, thunder brightness and the darkening rather high? Then you can see the effect best.