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04.11.2013, 13:35
We are currently offering GHL mitras - GHL ProfiLux Ultimate pack combo deals including the wireless card!

GHL Ultimate pack with wireless card (not installed)
GHL Mitras LX6200HV (black or silver only)

Your price - $1,999!!!!!!!!!!!!

Regular retail price = $2,800!!


email info@ghlna.com

04.11.2013, 13:54
To help GHL clear the remaining Original USA style 6 socket power bars, we are giving away a bar with the starter pack. The PAB style will be removed and replaced for free with the original 6D style.

For $499.00 (cheaper than the Apex and more functionality) You get

GHL ProfiLux 3N (network ready) controller
GHL 6 socket Power bar Powerbar6D
pH probe
temp probe
calibration solutions

Thats $300 off the regular starter pack! this is a limited offer only so hurry!

Add a Mitras to ProfiLux wireless card for only $99!!!


email info@ghlna.com

09.11.2013, 14:52
These are going fast on Reef Central! More GHL users coming over joining the club. I only have 2 kits left now though and want to finalize the order next week with GHL to get these in fast, so who will be the last lucky 2? We already have the powerbars we just need to order the controller base units.

NO MORE after this, the deal will end.