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25.08.2009, 15:47
I have attached 2 Koralia (3 & 4) to a dimmable power bar. The bar is connected to L1/L2 port and I have configured the device as followes:
L1-> current pump 1
L2 -> current pump 2
Pump group 1 has 2 pumps (1&2)
Current - permanent opposite
Wave - sinus 10s

The pumps don't seem to respond to changes, they are alway on full speed.

I have tested the voltage on the powerbar and both outlets show 120V not changing at all.

I have connected an incandescent light to the powerbar and they don't change their intensity either.

Any ideas what may be wrong.

26.08.2009, 07:21
did the manufacturer confirm that these pumps can be speed-regulated by dimming?
if not then it is possible that the motors (or the built-in electronics of these motors) destroy the dimmable powerbar

the testing of the voltage doesn't mean anything - since it is a leading edge phase-dimmer you will not see any reasonable values on your multimeter

can you do a simple test?
set the L-ports to "illumination 1" and "illumination 2", the check what happens if you vary the brightness manually (either "manual illumination" on the device or "light scenes" in ProfiLuxControl")

are the DIP-switches in the correct position?

26.08.2009, 13:32
I have reset everything and started again. It looks like the dimming process on the powerbar is working but the change on the powerheads is hardly noticeable. I have been told by someone that he does control the powerhead speed but a quick check with Hydor-Koralia indicates that these pumps are not meant to be controlled.


26.08.2009, 16:15
please don't try to dim motors when you are not sure that they are dimmable

-> otherwise powerbar and motor may be destroyed - this wouldn't be a warranty case!

27.08.2009, 10:03
The only way to speed down a brushless pump like the Koralia is to speed down the net frequency, and not the voltage. You only destroy the unit if you try this.

27.08.2009, 13:35
Thank you Micha578.
How do you go about changing the net frequency?

27.08.2009, 14:36
You cannot change it. Typically the netfrequency is 50 or 60Hz at a voltage on 110 or 230, dependend on where you live.

A brushless pump have another frequency, not the 50 or 60Hz because the units of the pump includes the magnetiv field which is switching at the frequency which the pump has rounds per minute. This high frequency is generated by the electronic. So if you change the voltage as you describe, the electronic try as long as it can to work with it. If you try to change the netfrequency, the electronic will not work or it will damage.

Sorry for my poor english, i hope you will understand this

27.08.2009, 15:10
I understand and thank you for the explanation.

I guess than that my only course of action is to replace the powerheads. Which powerheads can I use with the Profilux equipment I already have? I have spent a considerable amount of money on it and I would like to make it work without having to spend another fortune.

27.08.2009, 16:51
Currently the best decision are:
Turbelle® nanostream® 6055
Turbelle® stream 6105
Turbelle® stream 6205
Turbelle® stream 6305

Or the combination of 12V Pumps with the announced Controler described here: Topic from Matthias (http://www.aquariumcomputer.com/Forum/showthread.php?t=681)