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20.08.2009, 23:03
hey all...

what tubing are you using for the dosers ?

also where can i find the plastic splicers that come with the dosers?


22.08.2009, 09:27
what do you mean? replacement tube for the pump?

tube and splicers are available as spare parts

22.08.2009, 09:31
Hi Matthias,

I was just referncing is there one type of tubing that is preferred to last longer with dosing....tubing from pump to sump.... not the actual pump portion...

the other questions is where to get some of the plastic joiners that come on the end of the tubing from the pump...to join the pump peri tube to whatever tube i use to the sump

22.08.2009, 09:39
each pump comes with 2 plastic joiners - but you need additional ones?
We have them as spare parts (Article "Spare-Hosefit Dosing").
I guess you can get similar parts in any aquatic shop who deals with accessories.

As far as I know most people are using silicone tubes.