View Full Version : Special offer Easter 2013

23.03.2013, 09:44
Our gift for Easter 2013:

All powerbars and expansion cards 15% off!

This offer is valid until 08. April 2013 only!

Only at participating dealers.

GHL Store
23.03.2013, 09:59
At GHL Store already available!

Visit us here:

28.03.2013, 13:06
Do you know if any stockists in the UK are participating, if so which ones? Be an ideal time to add a salinity expansion card and sensor to my set up.

29.03.2013, 16:55
Check with Reefdreams

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30.03.2013, 15:39
Just been to Reefdreams and came away with the conductivity bits. Thanks Jason.

30.03.2013, 18:03
Another German dealer but GHL? Thanks!