Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : Dosing pumps + digital power bar

16.07.2009, 05:01
I have the profilux II plus and want to utilize the dosing pump I just received to start the balling method. I am unsure how to connect it. I have the Digital power bar in socket S1-4. If I understand correctly hooking into S5-8 will not work. So how do I use both of these?

16.07.2009, 05:50
I figured it out ;) The S1-4 is the digital interface and since I can change the channel address I can daisy chain th doser and the power bars :)

I have another related question. If I am happy with how this works I want to get another digital power bar so I can shut my skimmer off when I dose the Brightwell system additives. Is it possible to add another 4 port doser and digital power bar to the Profilux II plus?

17.07.2009, 08:50
you can add many doser and powerbars, the only limitation is that you can only access 24 different sockets (respectively pumps)