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22.06.2009, 17:14
Hey all,

tank is 60"x24"x24" 150 or so gallons...

i have now decided i am going tunze with the profilux controlling...

what is the ideal configuration , how many streams, and or waveboxes? and then size on the streams...?

i want to create an awesome setup and leverage night modes, and storms...etc...

please help me so i only buy stuff the first time correctly



22.06.2009, 18:01
Hey Larry,
I have a 180G (72x24x24) with 2 overflows.
I run a Tunze Wavebox, 2 x 6101 and 2 x 6055 and get some great flow.
There are several options with the Profilux regarding flow patterns. I choose to go for the "Simulation of tidal currents".
Streams 1 & 2 run for 6 hours on a 10 to 100% level while 3 & 4 run only at 10%. After 6 hours 3 & 4 run for 6 hours on the 10 to 100% level and 1 & 2 run at 10%.
During the night and feed pause all the streams go down to 10%.
The wavebox runs constantly at the same pattern.


22.06.2009, 19:21
This is great...thanks so much...

what heights are you placing the pumps at?

are you using the fullsize wavebox or the nano?

what settings in the profilux....

thanks again


22.06.2009, 19:35
My pleasure.
The top of the streams sits about 5 inches below the rim of the tank and yes I am using the full size wavebox.

I have the streams in 2 groups.
Settings Group1:
Mode: Sequence1
Min-Max duration :6 hrs.
Waves: Sinus Waves
Duration 3sec

Settings Group2:
Mode: Sequence 2
everything else the same as above.

As I said before during the night all the streams go down to 10% and this gives just a gentle wave created by the wavebox

This is just one of the many settings you could try out.

22.06.2009, 20:05
is the wavebox controlled by the profilux also?

what cables do i need and splitters to hook it all up? i like your proposed setup...looks awesome...


22.06.2009, 20:21
You need the Tunze cables AND the splitter cables. I used all Tunze2 cables. I think to remember Matthias told me this is OK in another thread.

I only run the streams on the Profilux and the wavebox on his own. Not that I think it is better I just have been lazy to switch the box over to the Profilux.
I added below a few links you might be interested in.

As I said I am running the 6101's but of course now the newer ones are out and you might consider getting those.
As your tank is a little smaller as mine I think you might get away with the Nano wavebox. Maybe ask in the Tunze forum at RC regarding this.

LINK1 (http://www.aquariumcomputer.com/Forum/showthread.php?t=177)
LINK2 (http://www.aquariumcomputer.com/Forum/showthread.php?t=115)

25.06.2009, 16:32
if i wanted to do 2 tunzes on one channel, then 2 tunzes on another channel.... all controlled by the wave pump screen...

how would i configure the wavemaker? it looks like there is no room for an additional channel/group

25.06.2009, 16:58
As I didn't setup the wavebox I can't tell you 100% for sure what to do and maybe Matthias can jump on this but from the logic I think you will have to do the following:

If you are going to do the Tunze stream setup as I did with 4 pumps you are using both L-ports on the Profilux controller. Depending what model of the controller you have you might have a third "L port" which you should use for the Wavebox as this one should be controlled on his own. If you don't have that you could get an additional "L-Port" expansion card which provides 4 more L-ports for about $65 and attach the wavebox on them (with Tunze Cable).

I think this is the way to go but not 100% sure.
Have a look at this thread also: LINK (http://www.aquariumcomputer.com/Forum/showthread.php?t=177&highlight=wavebox)