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11.07.2011, 00:59
Well here is my ordeal. I have my main return pump connected to an optical level sensor in my overflow box set up as leakage detection to avoid leakages via the overflow.
Here is the problem: I had a power outage this am that lasted approx 2 hours. Water raised in the overflow to a level that covered the sensor. Since sensor is connected to pump, when power came back, sensor was under water so pump DID not turn on.
Is there anyway to go around this?
Inquiring minds want to know!!!!

11.07.2011, 07:57
At first: Itīs very discourteous to post same question with different headlines into two sub-folders of the forum!

Without knowing your settings, itīs not possible to find the error (maybe settings are o.k. maybe not).


if the sensor is connected to the right socket
the sensor is working properly
pump is working properly
pump switch output is assigned to the right socket
no switch on/switch off delay is set, that may disturb function
no else function is set to same output

11.07.2011, 12:15
Well, gee I apologize for asking a question TWICE esp when it has to deal with TWO TOPICS. PUMPS AND SENSORS.
But anyway, sry for my ROOKIE mistake and THANKS for the reply...