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16.06.2011, 05:53

I just got a GHL dosing pump unit. It is the model that requires a GHL controller, which i have (Profilux Plus II ex). My digital power bar is a 6 socket bar, and is connected to the S1-S4 port on the controller.

As i try to install the Dosing Pump, it seems to automatically set itself as S5-S8.

I go through the software to reset the numbering to 7-10 so that i can continue to use my 6 socket digital power bar, but the dosing pump does not change it's socket assignments.

I am using firmware

So what should i do to get this to operate properly? Thanks.

16.06.2011, 06:07
For the time being, i reset the original S1-S6 digital power bar to S9-S14 so that S5-S8 will operate the the dosing pumps. I can't put anything on S1-S4 however with this setup. Seems to be functioning, but is there a way to do this without losing use of S1-S4?

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16.06.2011, 11:08
The dosing pump can also be operated in the digital mode and can be daisy-chained like the Powerbar6D.
So connect your dosing pump to S1S4 (disconnect Powerbar) and give to it the numbers 1-4.
Disconnect your dosing pump, connect your Powerbar to S1S4 and select number 5-10 for it.
Afterwards you can plug the Dosing pump into the Western socket of the Powerbar and connect the Powerbar to S1S4.
Now both devices are controlled via S1S4 (Dosing Pump no. 1-4 and Powerbar no. 5-10).