Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : Manual Thunderstorm does not increase pumps speed

06.06.2011, 16:38
I have my two Tunze 6205's connected via a splitter and setup on Sequence 1 - min amd max are 20% and 70% and Thunderstorm is set to 80%. when I trigger a manual thunderstorm, my lighting dims etc but the pumps do not seem to react. FW and Profilux Control are both 5.09, thanks Andy

07.06.2011, 05:17
did you check the % of the pumps via the PLC or the on screen display while thunderstorms ?

because with all the wave reduction and other options in the pump menu it can happen that this hit 80 % only periodically.
also it could be handy to check you Vmin and Vmax , just too exclude a misconfiguration there.

in 5.07 this still works (running 6105s)