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24.02.2009, 20:59
right.. got a new problem with the nano stream.

ive got a T5 dimmable double 24 watts ballast, a LED full simulation spot light along with the nano stream 6055, with the profilux connection cables.

the LED seems to need it own L port, and when i try to run the T5 luminaire and the tunze together via a splitter cable plugged into L1/L2, the total power is shared between them. so if i do a sinus *cant spell* wave the light unit dims with the pump.

how can i solve this problem or how do i connect all 3 and give them seperate running programes?

GHL Support
24.02.2009, 22:33
Thats a pretty easy problem.

Use a Tunze 2 Cable in the splitter.

reason: A Lightbar build by GHL with only one EVG for 2 tubes will always use channel 1 (as information: you can order chanal 2 as an extra)

The diffenent between Tunze 1 und Tunze 2 is only the channel the Pump will use. (each L-Port got 2 channels)

24.02.2009, 22:38
thank you so much.. i almost took the whole ghl apart and got ready to sell it cuz i thought i would need to buy somethin else around 50 so it seemed like they are just money grabbers lol.. thats fantastic.. ill try it out now

cheers again :)