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09.05.2011, 02:53
i just set the master to go into feed mode for a 1.5 hour period. I had expected the slave to then go into the feed mode since pump 1 is the master and other modes work fine..

pump 2 (slave) does not ever go into feed mode like the primary.. I had to hard set the same time on pump 2 so that they go into feed mode at the same time as per the time set.

I think this is a bug ... pump 2 should slave feed mode just the same as the other modes...

GHL Support
10.05.2011, 11:34
We will check this.

16.05.2011, 04:41
any update on this ?

Just curious of your findings

17.05.2011, 12:39
I need some more information.

How do you start feed pause exactly?

What are the detailed settings for your VorTech-Controller and the pump section?

Screenshots would be helpful.

17.05.2011, 20:20
I had to re enable the feed pause on the punp, for some reason it was disabled after I upgraded to 5.08

17.05.2011, 21:04
i am turning feed on by setting a time in the profilux 5 software... i set vortech pump 1 to feed from 8pm-9pm...

pump 2 is simply set as slave of pump 1

pump2 does not enter feed mode when pump 1 does... again pf5 pushing the event...

so it appears though pump 2 is slave of pump 1 it doesnt respect feed mode and slave from it

18.05.2011, 09:07
I don't understand, could you post some screenshots?