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10.03.2011, 08:19
How can I program the dosing pump so it works for 10' stops for 20' and doing the same loop 24/7?

12.03.2011, 08:31
I need to do some programming. One of my dosing pumps is feeding water to the calcium reactor. Now it is working for 7' in an hour. As the bioload increase, the pump should work more & more.

So, I need to be able to programm the dosing pump via a timer so as not to burn it out.

Any help?

PS: In menu: Processes\Timer, Cyclic is always inactive. Maybe Cyclic means loop? I could program: start time 12:00, end time 12:04, loop every: 30'.

14.03.2011, 17:45
mode "cyclic" is not activated yet

comes in 5.07 or 5.08

I guess this will be exactly what you need

14.03.2011, 20:46
Great news!