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24.02.2009, 14:45
I just found last night that when I am on feed mode my nanostream 6055 pulses for a spit second when on feed mode.

My pumps are set to off when on feed mode and the nanostream 6055 L port is set to 3-8V.

I could put the nanostream in one of my sockets and kill its power when in feed mode but that will use up one of my sockets. Is there any other way of fixing this?

24.02.2009, 15:56
is this an integrated function of the Tunze power supply to protect fishes?

28.02.2009, 19:38
I think I have the same issue. I have 2 tunze nano 6055's that are set up to stop during feed pause.
During normal operation they ramp up and down in speed - that is fine.
During feed pause they stop, but they both click/shudder at what appear to be the same intervals as the difference between the upper and lower ramp limits.
I have had this issue for the whole time that I have had the profilux system, its not a big problem and I guessed it would have been a known issue that would be fixed in time - I don't lose any sleep over it as its a very minor issue (IMO). Apart from that Profilux is Awesome!!

28.02.2009, 20:50
so this is not a built-in feature of the Tunze driver to protect fishes? (my question hasn`t been anwered yet)

I will have a look at the source code in this area

01.03.2009, 00:35
I do not know there is nothing about this in there documentation.

01.03.2009, 05:01
You are right, this is not documented in the Tunze manual.
However Mathias is also correct, it is a standard feature, currently I have four 6100's running on a Tunze 7095 controller and they all do it in feed mode.

01.03.2009, 16:31
Result: I don't have to search for possible bugs in our firmware, right?

02.03.2009, 01:43
Result: I don't have to search for possible bugs in our firmware, right?
Extract from the Tunze 6055 manual - hopefully this should clear up the issue ..

"If the pump is set to interval operation or the
Foodtimer is activated (Multicontroller low and high
tide mode), small fish may get into the pump output
when the pump is at a standstill. In order to prevent
this happening the pump driver has been provided
with a fish care function, which causes a revolution
of the screw every twenty seconds."

02.03.2009, 04:05
Well found Bubbling under, and yes Matthias, no requirement to waste your time on this, you are very busy getting the other stuff out including the Profilux III

02.03.2009, 08:10
many thanks for clarification of this