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24.02.2011, 08:12
I got 4X4 dosing pump in a chain all conected to s1-4 and set to digital on the pro 3ex,
for the life of me I don't get it, all the pumps work together (e.g if set to start with number 1 there is 4 ones, 4 two ans so on rather than 1-16) what am I doing wrong ( I kined of fill stuped - please and thanks in advenced...

24.02.2011, 13:09
you do know that when you number the dosing pumps or digital power bars only 1 device can been connected to the S port while programming
(you can set the starting number of easy poing pump seperately )

24.02.2011, 15:56
how ever I didnt get that?

25.02.2011, 21:01
well before you can steer the dosing pumps or digital powerbars you need to number them

and to do this only 1 device @ a time can be connected to the S port => so for programming you can't daisychain the pumps/powerbars.

27.02.2011, 06:19
Thank's! - working...