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30.05.2009, 22:05
So i plugged my SA doser for the first time. I can't seem to be able to set the time. The numbers just keep changing very fast. How do i set the time on this?

30.05.2009, 22:24
Oh and i must add that i can set the date, just not the time. Also, on the screen, the time keeps rolling really fast too as soon as the doser is plugged.

31.05.2009, 10:26

I guess the SA has been connected for the first time after a longer period of time.
After some weeks the backup battery is empty and the clock has been reset.
Please unconnect and connect to power supply again.
If you still have problems then contact me directly via email.

31.05.2009, 18:57
Hi Matthias,
I had already unplugged it last night and it started to work as it should. It is a brand new SA doser that i have received a few weeks ago but never had time to try it. I guess the battery was empty like you said.

But what's strange, i had plugged it when i received it and it was doing the same thing but i didn't try to set the time so i tought it was normal that the time kept changing like that. I unplugged it and left it there until a few days ago. It was still showing the time advancing really fast as the first time i plugged it.
This time i unplugged it to the power supply and plugged the gray cord the other way around(2 holes in the grey cord) in the power supply and it work like it should.

Maybe it's just a co´ncidence but anyway, it works.

Thanks a lot for the help.