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02.02.2011, 20:18
slave doser auto dose question


I just set up my doser and hooked them up to cal alk and mg from the Fauna Maring Balling Light kit.

If I set all three to auto dose 7ml/day will they all dose at the same time per day? Can someone please explain the dosing methodology of the P3 controller?

Does it do each pf the 3 pumps 7ml all at once at the same time
Does it spread the 7ML evenly throught out the day
If it spreads, how can the user know how much ml/per does is spread

If anyone knows, that would be great.

GHL Support
03.02.2011, 08:04
If all three pumps shall dose once per day, the dosing times would be: 0:00 Pump 1, 0:07 Pump 2, 0:14 Pump 3.
So they don't dose all at once but in an interval of 7 min.
Alternatively with firmware > 5.00 it is also possible to define certain time points when the pumps shall dose (besides auto dosing).