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01.02.2011, 11:50

Can someone explain how the pump is regulated by the Tunze Port Ln?

I connected a pump Tunze 6105 on the port with the cable L4 Profilux Tunze 2.
I set the pump on PLC as follows:

Prefs pumps:
- feed pause: off
- Voltage: 3 min / 8 max

Prefs Pump Group:
- Mode: Permanent
- Waves: No waves

Prefs 1.10V (L4):
- Function: current pump / Nr 1
- U min/max: 3 / 8

Even if I change the maximum and minimum% of flow, the pump always operates at the same rate.

The voltage monitor 1.10V indicated in the L4 port is always 6.9v.
This voltage does not vary.
The pump does not stop if I press the ESC key (feed pause).


GHL Support
02.02.2011, 10:33
Could you place screen shots of your pump settings?
Which way do you like the pump to operate? Please enable for example "Sinus waves", then the flow of the pump will change between min. and max.

02.02.2011, 13:06
By default, I want to adjust the flow to minimum.
During storms, I want the flow increases up to 30%.
During the food pause, I want the pump turns off.

Thank you.

03.02.2011, 00:43
in scr 1 & 2 you indicate current pump 1 (connect to L port)

in the last 2 you indicate current pump 2

and you min and max are set to 1% so the pump can never change speed in a 'normal' state

03.02.2011, 10:49
Pump 1 = Eheim Filter
Pump 2 = Tunze Stream

There was an error in my configuration.
Number of pump (see printscreen) was false.
I corrected it by setting the number 2.

Thanks !!