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22.01.2011, 23:49
Can someone please direct me to the part in the manual and the location of the manual that describes how to set up a slave doser?

I have a P3EX with a 3 pump slave doser, thats all I know
I have connected it to the P3 on port S5-8

Then what do I do, Please provide clear and simple instructions from here.

GHL Support
23.01.2011, 09:40
Under System/socket functions please choose e.g. Socket 5 and select Timer 1 as its function (the pumps are handled like sockets). Proceed the same way for the other pumps 6-8, e.g. socket 6 = timer 2 and so on. Don`t forget to save the settings each time.
Under processes/timers/ timer 1 etc. you can select each timer and make the certain settings for the dosing.

24.01.2011, 20:28
and don't forget to calibrate the pumps !

24.01.2011, 20:51
What about programming the doser, don't i have to do that?

25.01.2011, 04:26
You just have to set up the doser as per a digitial plug bar.
Make sure everything else is disconnected off the s1-4 port and then select the doser for programing.
I have set my doser to s13-16, so you can select any number you wish from the interface.
once you have done this you can proceed as Caroline has indicated.
It is quite versatile on how the timer will work as you select doser and it gives you all the options on if you wish to have auto dose or manual etc.
On manual you can specify a great many times and either a ml value or a timed value.
Have a play, as I found it quite fun to try the various options.
As Caroline indicated, make sure you save after making alterations and every now and then save your system settings to file on your harddrive!

25.01.2011, 05:27
Thanks Antipodes. If I set it to autodose, and i dose cal and alk, how can i prevent it from dosing calc and alk to close to one another as dosing calc and alk together can be very bad.

25.01.2011, 06:52
Yep, you are quite right.
The auto dose system will split your request up to 12 times for the day (I think that is right or it may be 24? Can't remember) and will not dose the other system for five minutes.
I find this too small a time difference and I have done manual dosing and have done it every two hours for Alkalinity and the alternate every two hours for calcium.
For my magnesium and others I have not worried about overlap!