Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : tunze 6055 dosent seem to be working proberly.

20.01.2011, 21:16

i got 2x tunze 6055, on L1/l2 with a splitter (YL2-1) with a tunze 1 and 2 cable.

The isue is, its always running on the minimum state. No matter what i do, if i change a setting, like surge 1 to surge 2, it goes up to maximum and them down again to the minimum state, what is causing this isue?

my ghl is running 5,05f, and this is my settings:


GHL Support
21.01.2011, 07:29
Please assign both pumps to Pump group 1 and select e.g. "Permanent opposite". Do the pumps then alter between min and max?

21.01.2011, 16:59
it seems so, but on all the other options, surge/sequence, it just stays at the minimum.

GHL Support
22.01.2011, 13:02
Does it help if you increase the max. wave duration?

22.01.2011, 15:46
yes it seems so. tnx for the help :)