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13.01.2011, 06:43
Just thought i would post my feedback

Had major problem with the last unit, sent it back to the reseller and they confirmed it was faulty, thank gosh it wasnt my fault :)

Got the new one in the post today

Connected it to my other PAB port on the P3EX (i have 4 PAB power boards on the other), when i assigned it i got a PABCOM error instantly. Then unassigned it, moved it to the other PAB port at the end of the powerbars so, 4x powerbars then the module, re-assigned and no error.
Went into Control software but it was showing 2. at the firmware for the controller... that cant be right. Did a FW update.
Re-assigned the module and got the error again.

What fixed it all was, PAB system resetting, then assigning the 4 powerbars and making sure the start numbering was right, then connecting the module to the end powerbar and assigning that.
No errors and FW was showing correctly, everything looks to be OK, ive assigned 2 ES pumps and they seem to be working.

Im a little nervious about all the comm errors i was getting, considering how important flow is to the system i really dont want it to fail.

Has anyone else had problems with the Vortech Module, GHL do you know about any unresolved issues???

Im using 5.05f and

14.01.2011, 08:13
very strange
I am not aware of any unresolved issue