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29.12.2010, 15:45
when i turn my pumps off to 0% they shut down but every 20-30seconds they twitch

Does anyone know why they are doing this?

29.12.2010, 20:08
could be the tunze fish protection

but its wasn't that often with my old tunzes

30.12.2010, 10:20
any one?

30.12.2010, 10:49
Does anyone know why they are doing this?

Itīs not a bug, itīs a feature ;-) - the Tunze Fish care function.

30.12.2010, 11:35
from the offical statement from Tunze

The pump driver has been provided with a fish care function, which causes a revolution of the propeller every twenty seconds when the pump is at a standstill. The pump can be controlled with Multicontroller 7095, 7096 as well as Singlecontroller 7091, and comes complete with power supply unit and magnet holder.

30.12.2010, 15:43
That's 3 ppl saying the same thing so I gues its answered then :)