Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : what cables do i need to control tunze 6055

17.12.2010, 15:00

i got 2x Tunze 6055, that i want my ghl to control, i got one cable called "ProfiLux Tunze 2" do i need another one of those, or do i need one called "ProfiLux Tunze 1" ? is there a diffrence?

do i need anything else?

17.12.2010, 16:52
if you have 2 Tunze you want to control then you need 2 cables, Tunze 1 +2 and a splitter

17.12.2010, 18:56
do i really need the splitter? wouldent i only need the splitter if i wanted to run 4 pumps ? and wouldent the 2x Tunze 2 work, aslong i only want 2 pumps on?

also cant see the splittere on this page?

18.12.2010, 09:44
you need the splitter if you want to run 2 tunzes cables on 1 L-port slot.

if you have enough Lports free you don't need it.

18.12.2010, 11:03
alright perfect, tnx :)