Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : vortech mp60 issue and also problem 5.05 updating vortech firmware..

10.12.2010, 23:35
i have made 2 mp60 inoperable with issues after the firmware upgrade....

do you have a newer firmware to put in to push to the mp60?

also since i upgraded to 5.05 i cant upgrade vortech firmware...

it transfers then errors it does not come up with the message saying put the pump into update mode..instead it just says something like timeout by device

GHL Support
13.12.2010, 10:08
Ok, you tried to update a MP60 Vortech pump?
Which Firmware version were on the pumps before?
I think the MP60 pump type is a new one and should not need an update.
Which update do you made exactly?

You have updated the ProfiLux firmware to 5.05f - I consider?

Please describe the problem more clear and step by step and don't mix up the firmware versions and types you are talking about.

13.12.2010, 10:38
Correct 5.05f

I tried a new mp60. It is newer firmware.

I was able to connect it but after saving the mp60 in profilux control the mp 60 turns off

13.12.2010, 10:53
as soon as you connect VorTech pumps and our VorTechController ProfiLux has the control over the pumps

as long as there are no reasonable settings made in the VorTech controller nothing will happen

but I can't determine if the settings are correct if you don't post your settings here ...

15.12.2010, 13:13
i tried again..it is fine now

btw, the vortechs are now shipping with firmware 2.01 on the mp60

all good