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22.11.2010, 12:44
How accurate are these pumps? I have mine handling my auto top up at the moment (tunze is broken) and I did a quick check, dosing 400ml and it was about 100ml off? And this was after priming it!


22.11.2010, 17:58
you fist need to calibrate the pumps.

That is => you let the pump dose for X time and then you adjust how much you rly got. (see manual for exact procedure)
From that moment on the dosing pump will dose Y amount if you ask Y amount.
you don't need to compesate anymore after calibration.

22.11.2010, 19:00
cheers for the direction. i'll have a go at that tonight. :)

25.01.2012, 17:59
When I look in the manuals, I can only find a calibration method for the stand online units, can I calibrate my standard dosing unit pumps as well?

GHL Support
26.01.2012, 12:06
Yes, the pumps can generally be calibrated, no matter which dosing model it is.

26.01.2012, 12:08
okay....but how? the manual included doesnt tell me anything...

GHL Support
26.01.2012, 12:15
This has to be done manually. You let the pump dose for one minute and measure afterwards the dosed liquid.
Then you can enter this amount (ml/min) in the dosing pump settings.

26.01.2012, 12:32
sorry for asking, but I really can't find the answer: Where in the settings do I enter that amount?

26.01.2012, 23:48
I presume you are using a level switch and socket to turn the pump on and off.
If that is the case then, No you can't calibrate the pump.

The normal dosing calibration is done when you select a dosing regime under the timer setting, only there can you calibrate the pump output.