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05.05.2009, 11:33
i have just bought a 4 pumps dosing unit and wanting to be able to dose as follows:

Pump 1 - 2ml per day one dose only
Pump 2 - 7.5m/l Monday and 7.5m/l Friday
Pump 3 - 7.5m/l Tuesday and 7.5m/l Saturday
Pump 4 - 7.5m/l Wednesday and 7.5m/l Sunday

However i cannot work out how i can set this arrangement up like this. Any help would be appreciated.

GHL Support
05.05.2009, 14:59
You can achieve this by using the timer function. Assign this function for each pump under "socket function". Then select "days of week", here you can chose the dosing days.
After this, select "Dosing", here you can set the switching period. For this, you have to know the actual flow rate of each pump.
Therefore, let each pump run for a minute and measure the liquid pumped in this time.
Alternatively, pump 1 can also be set as dosing pump as socket function. You then have to set only the number of dosings per day (1) and the amount for the dosing.

For detailed information please have a look in the manual under "timer" and "dosing pumps".