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27.10.2010, 18:49
I'm a little unsure of how this would work so i'll ask before I go out and buy the dosing unit.

I've never had an ATO so I know nothing of float switches. The scenario that comes into my head is this :-

The water in my sump goes low enough to activate the float switch to top-up, lets say that is half a cm from off to on, now that means my sump needs 3 litres of water. Now the ghl dosing pumps can only run for 15mins a time so that is only 0.9 litres of water.

So my question is - Is it possible to let the pump run for 15 mins then stop for 15mins and keep doing this until the float switch is back at the top in the off position?

28.10.2010, 18:29
I use a small pump to add my fresh water, so it fills faster :)

also my optical sensor is more sensitive then 0,5 cm