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12.10.2010, 05:12
Wanted to share with Profilux forum my GHL controlled refrigerated feeding system hooked up to my P3.


The system has evolved to the current set-up to feed my non-photosynthetic aquarium. There were different versions of my set-up but once I had my P3 set up this was bound to be controlled by it.

Mike Lukaczyn

12.10.2010, 13:07
Nice work, but don't you think it is possible the dosing unit will get some humidity inside the refrigerator?

12.10.2010, 20:07
humidity in a fridge condenses on the coldest part in the frigde => should be the cooling element :)

another question I see that you pipe passes through your fridge :) , I hope you don't send water through constantly since that would lower the cooling effeciency alot :)
but pump water though it before and after dosing could be an idea , and if the loop is small enough the amount of dead water in such a small loop and time frames of dosing would be a none issue.