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27.09.2010, 12:34
Is it possible to control two Tunze pumps (6205's) in a similar way as two Vortech's in anti sync? I'd like to have each one doing random flow with one pump dominant for say 6hours then the other becoming dominant for another 6 hours etc. Any other suggestions would be welcome, cheers Andy

28.09.2010, 19:44
Does anyone know? Thanks, Andy

30.09.2010, 11:39
Did you try
- 2 pumps in a group
- mode permanent opposite

I am not sure what exactly you want to achieve

30.09.2010, 13:00
Hi Mattias, thankyou for the reply, I should have read the manual - I thought Mode: Random would give a Random flow and not mean the Pump sequence to be Random. It was my misunderstanding enirely!

On a different note, will there be the option for Tunze to switch modes like the new Vortech controller can from Lagoon to Nutrient Export etc in future Profilux software?

30.09.2010, 18:04
I think we will add new modes in the future, but we don't have fix plans at the moment