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25.09.2010, 05:05
I have 4 PAB power bars on sockets 1-24 i want to programme my dosing pump on socket 25-28 so im guessing i need to plug it into S5-S8 on my PIIIEX.

Ive gone into the "programme dosing pump" option in the socket options and made sure that the checkbox on S5-S8 is on and the S1-S4 is off.

I set the numbering on S1-S4 to 1-4 so that S5-S8 is 25-28 clicked next and programme now.

BUT ITS NOT WORKING.... i have 2 of the pumps to come on at 8am to dose Zeovit but it didnt :( its making me sad.

Also when i hit programme the display on the Profilux freezes and none of the buttons work, i have to reset it.

please help

25.09.2010, 10:00
Also when i hit programme the display on the Profilux freezes and none of the buttons work, i have to reset it.

until this is not solved we need not to continue

when does this exactly happe? Can I see a screenshot? Are firmware and PLC versions matching?

26.09.2010, 00:27
It happens when i hit the "program now" button to program the dosing pumps.

The profilux looks like its ok but it stop cycling through all the normal probe stats. i have 2 pages to goes through and it just holds on one of them. the lights on the profilux are still on but none of the buttons are responsive when pushed. i need to turn off the profilux and turn it back on to fix it but the dosing pumps still arnt working.

Im using the new 5.03b BETA and the new matching PLC

27.09.2010, 02:28
anyone? Really need to get my dosing back up and running

27.09.2010, 07:54
ok, now I understood the problem

I check this and give you reply ASAP

27.09.2010, 11:50
I think it is solved with the new firmware 5.03c


27.09.2010, 20:14
awesome, thanks for the FW update and support, wicked stuff :)

I will try it tonight and report back

27.09.2010, 23:39
I have another question, if i got another 4 dose dosing pump and i connect it to the other doser would it automatically number them the 4 numbers after the first doser? i.e first unit is 25-28 and second 29-32??

GHL Support
28.09.2010, 07:37
It doesn't work automatically, you have to program the numbers for the second dosing unit the same way you did for the first one, but then numbers 29-32.
Please make sure that always only one doser is connected to S5S8 when programming numbers, so you have to disconnect the first one while you program the second doser.

05.10.2010, 20:25
so i own a 4 dosing pomp on s1 - s4 digital with numbers 13 t/m 16. i can connect a second dosing pomp to the second connecter on the first dosingpomp with numbers 17 t/m 20
so 2 dosing pomps on s1-s4??

06.10.2010, 07:03