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13.08.2010, 00:45
Ok, i've got 2 Tunze 6105's on opposite ends of a 5 foot tank. I have both pumps slaved to the same L port (L6) so i'm guessing i'll have to have them on 1 side of the tank only to create a wave?

I'm confused as to the difference in using sinus waves and the minimum and maximum settings for pump control. Sinus waves say that it increases and decreases pump flow rate using a sine curve. Isn't that the same thing as setting your minimum flow rate to 0% and the max to 100%

Also, why do you need to set the 1-10v to min 3 and max 8? what does this do?


14.08.2010, 11:34
The sinus wave setting means the Profilux will smoothly change the speed from your minimum setting to your maximum setting and back. A square wave makes the change instant jumping from the minimum to the maximum.

You need to set the L port min and max voltages to 3 and 8 as this is the oporating range that Tunze use for their own controllers and will give you the most accurate speed control.