Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : Couple of dumb questions

22.02.2009, 17:53
First, does the stand-alone doser have any connections with the Controller and if so, can commands from the Controller or PC change the setting on the stand-alone, (can you network them like the controllers?)

Second, does each pump us its on plug.

22.02.2009, 17:59
no, the standalone dosing unit has no interface which can be connected with ProfiLux.
The present interface is only to control a second standard dosing unit (without controller)

I don`t understand the second question

22.02.2009, 18:14
Sorry for the typo in the second part.

Should be: Does each pump, require its on power plug. ie 1 pump one plug, 4 pumps four plugs?

Will the III be able to be linked? or still to just another stand-alone?

22.02.2009, 18:31
the dosing unit has one input for an AC/DC-adaptor - was this the question?

The standalone unit can not be controlled or adjusted by another controller - it is just "standalone" with its own integrated controller

22.02.2009, 19:06
There is only one power line for the dosers both stand alone and modular

The pumps are controlled via the western connection back to the ProfiLux

The Stand alone doser will always and only ever be a stand alone and not be linked or controlled by the ProfiLux Plus II PIII or PIV

If you want to control a doser by the ProfiLux you need the modular doser range by GHL.