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23.06.2010, 06:43
OK i just want to make sure i have this right.

I have a GHL Profilux 3 EX and want to control some Tunze Streams.

Am i right is assuming that i can only control a max of 4 Tunze's (2 via splitter on L1&L3 and 2 via splitter on L2&L4) i see there are 2 different cables, 1 for the L1&L3 and 1 for the L2&L4 ports.

Am i right??

Do i need different cables?? and can i use the L5&L6 port? which cabe do i use for that???

23.06.2010, 09:10
you need 2 splitters and 2 cables ProfiLux-Tunze1 and 2 cables ProfiLux-Tunze2

then you have:
L1L2 -Y - Tunze1 & Tunze2
L3L4 -Y - Tunze1 & Tunze2

-> 4 pumps are controllable independently

of course you can add more Tunze cables on other ports or with more splitters but only 4 pumps can be controlled idependently, if you have more soem of them have to work synchronously

23.06.2010, 09:29
i have a 3 EX and it has a L5L6 port, can i use that also?

i thought i could control 10 L ports....??? :( im confused now

23.06.2010, 10:09
OK dont answer that i just saw that there is only 4 current pump settings (is this going to expand soon??)

23.06.2010, 17:17
yes, comes in one of the next updates, then you will have 16 pumps

23.06.2010, 22:05
WOW, that sounds perfect.

Does that mean that the cables will change?? Or are you keeping the same splitter, Tunze 1 & 2 cables.

24.06.2010, 07:17
this doesn't affect the cables, they are still the same