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13.04.2009, 10:11
Hello, i have a profilux ex controller and just purchased the dosing 4 pump unit. I am currently having troubles setting it up. I am currently using 2 digital power bars daisy chained together and also added the dosing unit to the chain off of the s1-s4 plug in the back of the controller. i first programmed the pumps(1-4) by disconnecting the power bars and connecting the dosing unit alone, i plugged the power supply into a wall socket. i go into dosing pump setting in the menu and set pump 1 to 10 ml 24 times a day but i don't see it start. it works if i press it manually and the yellow com light is on. Also if i number the pumps 1-4 dose that mean it assigned to sockets 1-4 so i have to number my power bars 5 and up? Also how can i set it to dose manually on different times of the day on certain days of the week? Also to calibrate the pumps is there i way to set it to turn on for 1 minute or do i have to hold down the dosing button myself and time? thanks

GHL Support
14.04.2009, 11:52
Check the numbering of your powerbars, perhaps some sockets and pumps have the same number at the moment. So, yes, the pumps are considered as socket 1-4 and the powerbar sockets should then start with number 5 and up.
To set the dosings for different times and on certain days of the week, this can only be achieved by using a timer.
To calibrate the pumps, the simpliest thing is to do it by yourself (switching and time). Of course you could also set a timer (switching the pump on for a minute) but this is the more complex solution for this purpose...