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06.05.2010, 15:45
i recently bought GHL-Profilux Independant Dosing Pump with three pumps. The unit has been running approximatly one month. A few days ago one of the pumps started squeeking, this the not the actual motor but the white plastic part with the rollers inside. I distmantled the part and gave the rollers a wipe, two days later the squeek has returned, one of the other units is also started to squeek. The manual states to not lubricate in any form. Is this a common problem or is there a remedy to stop the annoying squeek?

08.05.2010, 09:09
I don't think that this is a common problem, otherwise the forum would be filled with posts like this

it is not possible to lubricate the pumps, otherwise the motor shaft looses the grip to the rollers

can you open the pump head and blow it out?

09.05.2010, 11:25
can you open the pump head and blow it out?

What do you mean blow it out?

On the day of posting this query i stripped the head for the third time, i wiped the motor shaft, cleaned all the rollers, wiped the neoprene tubing put the head back together and all was quiet. Today the annoying squeeking has returned.

Surely this does not have to be cleaned as often as i am having to do ie: every four days or so. There is obviously a fault with that head for it to squeek so quickly.


10.05.2010, 07:47
what is the duty cycle for this pump?

10.05.2010, 12:05
Pump is dosing sodium 13 times per day at 35ml each session.

I have distmantled the head again, i have also swapped the rollers over with the ones from the head for dosing magnesium as that head only doses 2ml once per day.

14.05.2010, 17:02
So now we are into four days since i swapped the complete head over and the squeeking is back.

If i remove the head and operate the motor pushing the red button it is virtually silent.

This brings me back to my previous thoughts in post #3

I have contacted the store where i bought the unit and they have said to return the head and motor which leaves me in another situation, how do i dose for the meantime and the other problem, is the motor or the head actually at fault. Even simply pulling the head off(without any cleaning) and replacing it the squeek is gone. :confused:

14.05.2010, 17:28
To make things clearer, calcium was on pump 1, sodium was on pump 2, mag on pump 3.

To see if it actually is the motor i have now swapped everything around.

Sodium is now on pump 3 and mag on pump 2. Because i have just swapped the heads over and re programmed the unit for each pump i will probably have to wait three or four days to see if the squeek returns. If it doesn't then i will know for sure that motor two is the culprit and must only squeek when under pressure/head fitted etc.

15.05.2010, 15:41
Well let's forget waiting for a few days, the squeek has returned. Obviously as i have said there has to be a fault with this unit. I have contacted the shop where i bought from requesting that i get a replacement.

According to what this units can cover ie: Flow rate approx: 60ml/minute each pump
Smallest dose: 1ml
Recommended max dosing amount per day approx: 40l

i don't suspect my dosings are giving a heavy load on the motor ie: 13 times per day at 35ml per dosing.

One thing i am suprised about though, on going to http://www.ghl-profilux.co.uk/ and reading that for support people are asked to come to this forum for support i think for the cost of these units support is fairly poor. I have recieved better support for something that cost me less than 30.