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03.04.2009, 19:00
Hi all,

I have the plus11 ex and I bought 2 tunze cables 1 & 2 at the moment I have a Tunze Wavebox and 1 stream 6101 and I connect to the controller wireless. I know the Tunze cable2 connect to L3-L4 for the wavebox and cable 1 L1-L2 for the stream, so should I have the wavebox in group1 and the stream in group2 so my max pumps are 2 one in each group.

Can the temp probe be submergible in my sump?

Thanks in advance for your time


04.04.2009, 05:23
I followed the instruction in the manual and I still can't get the wavebox to work with the Proflux. I know its connected because the pump is working just canít get it to work the way it should like with it with the Tunze controller.

GHL Support
07.04.2009, 15:10
Tunze 1 cable is for L1/L3 and Tunze 2 cable for L2/L4.
Have you set L4 for the wavebox and L1 for the current pump?

Please have also a look in this thread, here is some more information concerning the operation of Tunze waveboxes with the ProfiLux:

Can the temp probe be submergible in my sump?TJ Better not, we can't guarantee that it is 100% waterproof.

07.04.2009, 18:11
Thanks Carolin, I figured it out and everything is working as it should now. I don't have the probes submerge. I think that's something GHL should make clear in the manual and provide suction cups with the probes.