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03.04.2009, 01:56
I am currently setting this controller up, just quick questions that I have.

The digital powerbar can either be setup for dosing or switchable, meaning if I want to use S1, S2, S3 and S4 for lighting then I cannot use the dosing controller.

I would then need to buy another digital powerbar to run the dosing pump by connecting this to S5-S8 on the back of the Profilux controller, is this correct?

03.04.2009, 07:31
it is much easier - any digital device (powerbar or dosing unit) can be addressed

that means: assign numbers 1-4 to the pumps of the dosing unit (this is default) and addresses 5-10 to sockets of the powerbar, then daisy-chain the control lines and connect them to S1-4

more about the addressing can be found in section "extras->digital-powerbar->numbering" of the manual

04.04.2009, 04:24
Thanks for the help, makes more sense now.

Dosing pump and lighting are both working.