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30.04.2010, 11:03
This has probably been asked before and I apologise if it's a repeat question but is it OK to use one of the dosing pump heads for RO water auto topup purposes or is there a concern regarding the pump motor which would be running almost continuously.

I am new to the delights of GHL equipment and it is a steep learning curve for me but I have been experimenting in the last few days and have managed to get the dosing pump to run and start to fill my sump from a RO reservoir OK but the pump stops after several minutes and the ProfiluxIII computer goes into Alarm status which requires a reset. I have set the Max Run time of the pump to 30 minutes but it does not reach that time before it goes into Alarm, can anyone please enlighten me as to what I am doing wrong. Thanks

cheers, David

01.05.2010, 10:48
there is a max. duty cycle recommended (see manual shipped with the doser):
maximal 15 min on, thereafter minimal 15 min. off
longer activity and shorter pauses are possible, but this may affect the life time

01.05.2010, 10:50
regarding the alarm: check the max. switch time for this level sensor

01.05.2010, 15:51
Thanks for the info Matthias, so are you saying there is a max time on for the level sensor too?


01.05.2010, 17:43

edit your level sensor via PLC and there you have reaction time (time it takes before the Profilux , takes and action , too prevent on-off-on-off behaviour)

but you also have maximal on-time (after this time it will give an alarm, so this time should be longer then what it normally takes to fill the evaporation water )
and for ATO i also place the check with the ATO flag

as an example; I have my reaction time on 5 seconds. and my max ontime on 1 mins (but my ato pump is an old return pump, 2000 liter/hour :) so it fills rather quickly :)

02.05.2010, 07:22
@Blahenazo: thanks, so these 2 settings (reaction and max on times) are both on the same page on the PLC yeah?

and for ATO i also place the check with the ATO flag I'm not sure what you mean by this satement but I'll have a look on the PLC and see if I can understand, if not I'll get back to you LOL :)