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17.04.2010, 18:45
Pro Plus II, Slave doser, latest firmware and software installed. I still cannot get the doser to run after multiple programming attempts. I have it set up this way:
The power bar is programmed 1-6 on the timer. Doser is 7 & 8. Both were setup/programmed disconnected per the manual. I have timer #7 set at 1230pm to run for 1-min (part A). I have timer #8 set at 1235pm to run for 1-min (part B). Set to run 7-days a week. The doser is plugged into a seperate wall outlet so that I don't use up one of my six power bar programmable outlets. Power indicator and com lights on the doser are lit/on. The com cable comes out of Pro II to the six bar, out of the power bar to the doser. The doser can be run in manual using either the software or manual buttons on the front of the doser itself. Setup is saved and loaded.
I tried programming/running the doser in auto mode prior to this with the same end results - nothing.
What am I missing and/or doing wrong here?

17.04.2010, 20:49
Couple of checks and points

1. Under socket function outlet have you edited the socket to be Timer #7 and under socket function 8 have you edited the socket to be Timer #8.

I think your confusion is you think by programming the doser to timer #7 the doser will just work, you have to first program under socket function what you want that socket (now programmed as a dosing pump) to react to, in this case Timer #7

2. when you prgrammed it did you plug the doser directly into S1S4 without the power bar connected and with power applied?

3. Are you actually sure its not turning? Have you waited for the time to come around and waited for it to turn

4. If all the above are answered yes -

5. go back to socket function 7 and edit to always on press save does the dosing pump turn?

17.04.2010, 21:09
Thanks Michael - I did not have the socket set to timer 7 & 8 respectively - they were both set to 1 (I never changed them within the program - duh!). Works now and verified operation.

I think I read awhile back about balling salts require a tinted container and tubing - or it is suggested that they both be tinted? Obviously the BM containers are clear, but you are using them, so not an issue? I would guess since they will be placed in my cabinet which is typically shaded and prevents direct sunlight from coming in contact with them that tinting should not be an issue anyway?

Thanks again for getting my doser operating.


17.04.2010, 21:16

The salts mix has changed from a year ago so you do not need to worry about this anymore, and in the past most people kept them in the dark also, the most imporant thing is to keep the lid on them!

17.04.2010, 21:23
some other hints for you which I will cover in my review but you need to know now.

The doser has a factory set rate of 60ml/min however when you take into account pipe restrictions and viscosity of the solution being dosed this can change, normally reduce. So this is what i do.

I always use manual dosing mode this way you have control over when the doser dosers your solution, I have my DKH set to dose 6 times a day 10ml.

So to set up

get yourself a 10ml syringe marked at 10ml and remove the plunger and block the small exit hole.

Set the doser up for one event a couple of minutes ahead of your current time.

place the tube in the upside down syringe and wait for the timed dosing event to start.

Remove the tube and note how much was dosed in this event.

Mine dosed 8ml instead on 10ml so i decreased the flow rate to 50ml/min then repeated above, it now doses 10ml in every event.

I repeated this for each pump.

More will be covered in the set up guide that I will complete later this week.

17.04.2010, 21:24
Okay, good to know.

I am ordering the small balling kit and the third motor/pump housing for my doser today from Progressive. Where did you get the tubing that you used on your system - doesn't look like typical vinyl tubing? Progressive? I only saw the vinyl air line tubing on their website.


17.04.2010, 21:29
Its neoprine tubing, I got it from Big Als locally, but ask PR they may have some.

Look at getting the chambers they really make the whole install so much neater!

17.04.2010, 21:32
Thanks I will check with Progressive on the tubing. I have ordered from big al in the past also. I am getting the 3 BM chambers/containers also - they are included as part of the small balling kit - correct?

17.04.2010, 22:46

yes they are ;)