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26.03.2009, 08:46
hello planning to buy the dosing pump units for my controller to use for dosing Zeovit Products. Would like to know if they can be daisy chained to the digital powerbars and if more than 4 dosing units can be used. And would they be safe to use for ATO running for hours non stop a day? would they break really soon? Also do i set the amount of liquid to dose or the time to dose a certain amount? because i would need to dose something for 1.5 ml a day would it be precise enough to do that? thanks

GHL Support
26.03.2009, 12:41
- Yes, it is possible to daisy chain several dosing units to a digital powerbar, but only up to 24 sockets + pumps can be controlled in total!
- For ATO, it would be better to use an "ordinary" pump controlled by the powerbar because to run for hours non stop a day could be too much for the dosing unit, also the recommended max. dosing amount per day is "only" 40l
- You can set the "Dosings per day" and the "Rate per dosing". To have a dosing as precise as possible, you better measure the actual flow rate of each pump (let pump run for 1 minute, then measure the pumped liquid). This amount can then be set as "Flow rate".

You can also find detailed information on this issue in the manual under 3.16.20 Dosing pumps.

26.03.2009, 16:15
the minimum dosing quantity is approx. 1ml