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05.03.2010, 01:13
I am trialing using the dosing pump to properly meter how much Alk/calcium from the reactor.

My question is with the auto dosing we are allowed only 24 dosings a day and with a dose of 400ml per dose i would like to dose this more regulary.

I have set up timer 31 and 32 for 24 dosings each using the program logic i have the two set on "or" control making the dosing pump 48 times a day.

My issue is that the doser is dosing it withing 5 minutes of the other one per hour limiting the peformace from the reactor and time for it to recover, i was hoping it would spread it further apart. Is there any way i can get this spread of dosing approx 1/2hr apart.

05.03.2010, 07:34
you can use different timers - between 2 "neighboured" timers (e.g. 31 and 32) is a time shift of 7.5 minutes, if you use timers 30 and 32 for example you have 15 minutes difference, etc.

05.03.2010, 07:50
Hi Matthias,

So if i want 1/2 hr between dosings i can use timer 28 and 32 and use the program logic "or" function and i will get 48 dosing a day 1/2 apart. I this correct ? :rolleyes:

05.03.2010, 07:59
yes, this is correct

05.03.2010, 08:10
Excellent, modification already programed. :cool: