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23.03.2009, 17:23
Can the Profilux control the Tunze TurbelleŽ Stream 2 Controllable Pump 6105 like the older ones without the Tunze controller?
Would the voltage range be also 3-8 v to control the pump?
What cable should i buy to connected these to.

There is not a lot of information out there for these current pumps.


http://www.marinedepot.com/ps_ViewItem~idproduct~TZ1343~idCartRow~15030028~is Kit~0.html

GHL Support
24.03.2009, 20:25
I do not have heard that Tunze have changed something on the connecting because they say you an control it with your existing multicontroller. So, get a Tunze 1 or Tunze 2 cable. 3-8 VDC will be fine on these Pumps also.

24.03.2009, 21:03
If i want to control 2 pumps, what will I need to buy?

Tunze 1 Cable
Tunze 2 Cable
YL2-1 Splitter cable

One of each? I want to be able to control each pump to be independent of each other within the program.

24.03.2009, 22:10
I think I figure it out, each port has 2 output.

Hence L1/L2, L3/L4, L5/L6 thats a total of 6 analog output.

The Splitter Cable just split the port output so you can use the second channel.
The Tunze 1 and 2 are pin differently to select which channel you want to use within the port.

I would need all 3 cables then.

GHL Support
25.03.2009, 07:43
You are very right.