Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : Tunze 6045 Koralia3 Cycle operation

18.02.2010, 12:23
I put one tunze 6045 and one koralia 3, connected to a SDTL 44D power bar in port S5 and S6 (while dosing pump unit is conected to S1-S4), and I want the 2 pumps to work alternatively.
So I put the pumps in group 1 and set min 0% and max 100% (as they are not dimmable) and 0% at night, I also selected sequence, no waves and 3hours min douration and 4 hours max. and nocturnal enabled.
Is that correct because I always see only pump numper 2 working and it wont stop neither during nocturnal phase.
The readings in the display are correct (for eg. nocturnal both pumps show 0% in the display) but powerbar continues to give power supply to S6 (pump 2).
What am I doing wrong?

I use profilux plus II 4.06

18.02.2010, 14:18
the current pump settings seem to be OK, but what about the settings for the sockets?

is S5 set as pump 1 and S6 pump 2?

18.02.2010, 18:33
Yes S5 is pump 1 and S6 is pump 2 and they work fine in manual override.

19.02.2010, 07:49
could you post screenshots of the relevant settings?

19.02.2010, 21:20
Screenshot attached

20.02.2010, 10:07
I can't read it ... to small resolution

please post a screenshot with better quality and a screenshot with the socket settings