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16.02.2010, 09:11

Ive got a Red Dragon 11 Titanium Pump 25,000 l/h which has its own control box but i want to connect and control the pump through my profilux computer. I think it can be done but im not sure which profilux parts i need and also how to connect it all up correctly. Hopefully someone out there can give me a good description of how to do this.

Thanks heaps


16.02.2010, 11:18
first we must know what interface this pump (or better the power driver) has

16.02.2010, 12:21
I dont know really what you mean by that, on the bottom of the control box it does have a socket for a 1-10v interface connection. On page 5 there is a post which gives a very basic description of how it can be done but is not very detailed.

16.02.2010, 15:54
Maybe this helps?
Unfortunately only in German ...


16.02.2010, 16:18
anyone out there that can convert german to english. :eek:

GHL Support
16.02.2010, 16:36
i will not convent the whole website in English but i can tell you the sum of all. There a Pumps form red dragon that can be controlled by an 1-10 VDC input but no one has tested it on a Profilux (0-5VDC is also found at some dragon pumps). We donīt know how much current the pumps need to control. If its not more than 10 mA the Profilux can be connected there. I found an Information from a other user here, that the 0-10 VDC should be better limited from 2,5V-8,5V for the dragon pump. I think the reason is that there will be not much more power output at the pump between 8,5V and 10V input and the pump will not start safely between 0V and 2,5V.
Keep in mind: Try and error is not covered by warranty

16.02.2010, 18:34
Thanks for that Martin, i will try and get some information out of Royal exclusiv, if this is possible what profilux parts do you think i will need? I have read somewhere that a profilux LBF-AP control board will do the job but my supplier in australia seems to think i need a LF-ABOX.
Thanks again

GHL Support
16.02.2010, 20:56
A LBF-AP will do the Job allone if the Red Dragon work like the Tunze pumps. (0VDC = Pump stop)
If not you can use a free socket at your powerbar, stdl...to turn of pump if the control voltage = 0 Vdc. (Usefull for Feedingtime...)
An LFA-Box can also used in case you got no free plugs at your powerbar, stdl...and you need the cut off from power if the pump should stop.

17.02.2010, 02:05
ok, so does the LFA-box have a relay or something like that in it to stop the pump as well as the 1-10v control and the LBF-AP only has 1-10v control, is this right?


GHL Support
17.02.2010, 07:59
absolutely correct

17.02.2010, 08:40
Ok thanks Martin, will hopefully get some info out of Royal Exclusiv and i will get it all up and running.


17.12.2014, 05:07
Interface Adapter for Red Dragon 3 Speedy / 10V connection available ...


Does GHL software support DC pump control ? And how is this interface acting with GHL Control Centre?

17.12.2014, 10:13
yes, it's a standard 1-10V Connection, you can use the pump settings in your software