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14.02.2010, 19:47
I have 3 Koralya power heads 2xtype 3 1xType 4 controlled by profilux3ex
The pumps are connected to a digital powerbar.
Pumps 1&2 are in group 1 and pump 3 in group 3.

Group 1 is programmed to random function. Until recently the pumps turned on/off randomly (as expected) but since I have updated to the latest firmware pump 1 is constantly on and pump 2 is always off.

Any ideas what is wrong?

15.02.2010, 08:37
I tested the random function with 2 pumps in group 1 and it works as expected.
ProfiLux 3 with FW 5.00m

Maybe you can give me some more details about your system?

15.02.2010, 16:22
I have Profilux3e
FW 5.00m
PC software
Using digital powerbar with 6 outlets.
You can see the system setup on the attached doument.
The pumps stay constantly at the staus you see on the file:
pumps 1 & 3 (sockets 4, 6) stay constantly on
Pump 2 (socket 5) constantly off.

1. I can controll the pumps properly when I use manual override.
2. When I switch the setup to permanet, all pumps stay permanently on.

15.02.2010, 16:32
Are Koralya pumps attached to S ports or L port? I dont have the documentation to look but I know that the Tunze are on the L ports

15.02.2010, 18:49
The Koralya pump are connected to the S ports. The don't have varialble speed controll so I only use the random function to turn them on/off for period of times.

16.02.2010, 08:05
I can see in your settings that there is no wave type selected and the wave time is too small ( < 0.4s) -> this can't work

16.02.2010, 19:21
Since I am only trying to controll the current pumps on/off, I don't understand what the wave has to do with it.
When I just got the profilux I have tried the wave controll but it did not work so I switched to 'random' to turn the pumps on and off randomally. It did work until the last or second last F/W update.

17.02.2010, 09:27
please change this settings to reasonable values even if you are not using waves, until the wavecontrol isn't working correctly the on/off-control will not work either

17.02.2010, 14:36
Thank you Matthias,
I have changed the wave control to 'no wave' with the default settings and it seems to have solved the problem. (the wave control was blank before)